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Depth Chart Released August 27, 2012

My new diet: skip lunch at work and blog instead because THERE IS SO MUCH ILLINI FOOTBALL TO TALK ABOUT.

The Depth Chart has been released.  And THERE IS SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT.  Go look it over and then come back for some thoughts.  I’ll wait.

+ Supo Sanni not listed.  STEVEHULL not listed.  So if our two starting safeties are injured and out this week, hello 450 passing yards from Alex Carder.  Come on, rain.

+ Jonathan Brown is listed as the weakside linebacker and Houston Bates is listed as the middle linebacker.  An eye-opening revelation, if it’s not a misprint.  Not a big deal – as we’ve discussed here before, we basically have a weakside middle linebacker and a strongside middle linebacker in this defense.  But still very surprising to me that Bates is the Mike.

+ Starting O-line of Thornton-Hill-Pocic-Karras-Heitz.  Well, I had that one completely wrong.  Pocic back to center to make room for both Karras and Hill at guard.  Love that, as I’m a huge fan of both (although a bigger Hill fan).  Also, no Simon Cvijanovic on the depth chart?  Is he injured?  Scott McDowell isn’t listed either – is he injured too?

+ Hey look! There’s my boy Peter Bonahoom as the second string H receiver.  Walk on, walkon.

+ Raise your hand if you guessed our backup linebackers behind Bates and Brown would be true freshmen Mike Svetina and Mason Monheim.  No one?  Didn’t think so.  Monheim over Neal (and Grimes) is somewhat surprising.  Svetina over Cooper is stunning. Although, given that Ron Zook barely moved his depth chart ever, there’s a chance I’m overreacting and many of these “listed third string” moves are simply motivational in nature.

+ Immekus is the placekicker, Zalewski handles kickoffs, DuVernois is the punter.  Makes sense.  I’d assume a redshirt is coming for Ryan Frain given this information. Also of note – looks like the battle for long-snapper next year (between Zach Hirth and Mike Martin) is currently being won by Hirth.

+ No Justin Staples mentioned, which means he’s serving a suspension for his DUI last winter.  How long that suspension will be, who knows.  I’d guess two games.

+ Miles Osei is the holder AND the backup punt returner.  AWESOME.  He’ll probably be the first Illini to complete a pass, catch a pass, take a handoff, return a punt, return a kickoff, and hold a placekick in a season.  And he might knock that out in the first game.

+ Interesting to see Robbie Bain listed as the second string left guard.  Maybe no redshirt for Bain?

+ Eddie Viliunas listed as the -OR- starter with Jon Davis at tight end. I thought that would be Evan Wilson.  We’re probably underestimating Viliunas’ impact on this team.  He might be that “who’s #83?” guy after the first few games.

+ Tommy Davis returning punts, with Osei as his backup and no mention of Hawthorne.  My read on that: after Hawthorne’s tweaked ankle in camp, they said “enough with the offense and special teams ideas – let’s keep him healthy for corner”.

+ Defensive tackle was as predictable as any depth chart positioning in history.  Spence backed up by Howe, Foster backed up by Teitsma.  Lock of all locks.

+ I think it’s safe to say that if a true freshman appears on this depth chart, they intend to play them (and not redshirt).  So that would mean Robbie Bain, Justin Hardee, Dami Ayoola, Mason Monheim, Mike Svetina, TaJarvis Fuller, and V’Angelo Bentley will not redshirt.  Maybe TJ Neal, too, but Neal is listed as a third stringer, so maybe he doesn’t play.

+ One more note: from the pronunciation guide, it’s DAY-mi, not DAH-mi.  Dami Ayoola = DAY-mi uh-YOU-la.  Get used to that name.

Joe John August 27th, 2012

The most talented group the Illini have are the tight ends. Too bad they dont fit with this offense.

Evan Wilson is 3rd string?

Duce20 August 27th, 2012

Simon C will not play this week according to Beckman, no reason given.

Robert August 27th, 2012

Agree and agree, JoeJohn. Which is why I think we’ll see them at all different positions, from receiver to tailback.

WaitingFor2012 August 27th, 2012

BTW, I’m leaning towards 5-7.
Oh, okay: maybe 6-6. What does everyone else think (in advance of Robert’s official prediction on Friday)???
@ASU – L
Char. So. – W
La Tech – W
Penn State – W
@Wisconsin – L
@Michigan – L
Indiana – W
@tOSU – L
Minnesota – L
Purdue – W
@Northwestern – L
I guess I could be talked into switching my Purdue & Minnesota predictions. But just off the top of my head, I like Jerry Kill more than Dan Hope. And… I really think that the Illini coaching staff is going to throw the kitchen sink at Western Michigan. They won’t want to start off with a home loss. While ASU is no pushover in any case, I can see a hangover effect that week. OTOH, I definitely think La Tech is going to give us a rough ride; that may be the “W” I’m least confident in predicting.

Joe John August 27th, 2012

I have 5-7 or 4-8.

3 for sure losses (Wiscy, Michigan, Ohio State).
1 for sure loss (NW or ASU – maybe both)
1 for sure loss (WMU or PSU…maybe both)
1 for sure loss (maybe 2) – (Purdue, Minnesota, La Tech).
2 for sure wins (IU and Charleston Southern)

So best case is 6-6.
Worst case is 3-9.

illiniranger August 27th, 2012

so is it confirmed that Sanni and Hull won’t play Sat? Because that is capital B Bad News.

Harry Lime August 28th, 2012

Don’t know if it’s good or bad that I agree with Joe John about TEs. Finding room for Davis elsewhere would be a big plus-having him on the field and making room for Wilson and Lacosse.

I’m now looking at Saturday as a loss, unless Buchanan can fulfill expectations in week 1 or someone else can provide a pass rush (JB?).

jakey illini August 28th, 2012

I will take our defense against WMU anyday (even our back ups imo). Superior talent, superior athletes. It’s a bit scary about Sanni and Hull, but better for the backups to play in this game and even next week, to prepare for the chaos of places like ann arbor and madison.

Time to just strap it on and get after it.

WaitingFor2012 August 28th, 2012

We probably do have superior athletic talent vis-a-vis WMU. And certainly Vegas likes us in this game. However, prolific writers in the blogosphere seem to have some doubts.
I guess our o-line questions may lead to either poor field position or turnovers, etc. At least that may be the perception of these people. Regardless, I think Beckman will pull out all the stops Saturday. I don’t think he’s worried about AZ State either way; and once we get into the BIg Ten I’d say he believes our season will play out according to plan. WMU and LaTech may be our swing games.

paul August 29th, 2012

this offense has a blocking tight end and a receiving tight end… Vilunias and Wilson will probably get equal reps at the blocking position (not to say they won’t get 30-40 balls thrown their way throughout the year) and Davis is the receiving tight end who may split out at times or line up in the backfield. Lacosse is going to be a good one, too, I just think he’s a year and 15 lbs away.