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Q&A With A Western Michigan Blogger August 29, 2012

Three days until football. FOOTBALL.

As the game approaches, I get more nervous. The words “Western” and “Michigan” bring up awful memories for Illini fans. The 2008 Debacle In Detroit that kept us out of a bowl. The 23-20 squeaker in Champaign last year. The other squeaker (I want to say… 2004?) in Champaign. And the dreaded MAC roadtrip in 2016. AND a road game for the basketball team in Kalamazoo. I mean, it’s almost like we had a Western Michigan grad in the DIA for a while who helped with the scheduling.

To better understand this version of the Bronco’s, I did a little Q&A thingy with Brandon Fitzsimons of Saddle Up, Fight On, a Western Michigan blog. Want to know their most important players, ranked in order? They’re currently doing a similar series. Go check it out.

Brandon’s questions for me will appear on his site. My questions for Brandon appear, well, right here:

1) Tell me about Alex Carder. He terrifies me. If our two starting safeties really do miss the game on Saturday (they’re not listed on the depth chart), I feel like he’s going to throw for 450 yards.

If Issac doesn’t ruin the game, I wouldn’t put it past him. Even with new WRs, I think Eric Monette and Josh Schafer can help carry the load to help the other guys. 450 yards is a bit high, but 400 is about where I’d put a “God Mode” performance. Again, that’s if they aren’t playing in a tropical storm.

2) Who are the other players we need to know about (on either side of the ball)?

Johnnie Simon for one. Ball-hawking rover that led our team in tackles last season. Other defensive guys would include what many are saying is a “new-look” Paul Hazel, who will play DE/OLB this season and is very athletic, Lewis Toler, who was so dominant his freshman year that no one threw his way last season, and Brian Fields, who if we have to run will be the #1 running back.

3) Nearly every ball we threw last year went to AJ Jenkins, and now he’s gone to the NFL, which terrifies us. You kind of went through the same thing, with Jordan White heading off to the NFL. Talk about how much he’ll be missed.

I honestly think White kept us in a lot of games last season. Need a huge 3rd down pick up? Throw to White. Need a big play? Throw to White. Need to open up other receivers? Did you throw to White yet? True definition of “possession receiver”. If our passing game fails this year, it’ll be because we didn’t have White as our “big red button”.

4) Vegas has the over/under for Western Michigan wins set at 8.5 this season. Too high? Too low?

I think 8.5 sounds about right. The non-conference schedule is VERY friendly (other games are @Minn. vs UConn, vs FCS team), and we get the toughest two teams in the West at home this season. Cross division includes games against Kent State (who has a VERY inconsistent offense), Buffalo, and UMass (both of whom are bottom 3 teams in all of the MAC). Really, this would be the schedule to make an argument that we could go 12-0 with huge BCS hopes, but I know that’s not happening. If I were to bet though, I would probably go over with a 9-3 (6-2) record.

5) Are Michigan State fans aware of Chris Hanna, WMU graduate and former associate AD at Illinois who helped with football scheduling? I’d think he’d be a bit of a cult hero around those parts. The only answer we’ve ever come up with is that he was implanted in Champaign as a WMU mole years ago, biding his time and finally getting his revenge with a football series that included a game in Detroit (what?), a basketball game in Kalamazoo (What?) and, in 2016, a football game at your place (WHAT?). Is there a statue somewhere to this man for putting together the most fortunate home-and-home package any MAC team has ever had with the Big Ten?

Is is really that big of a home-and-home? Let’s look at football first. Of those two games we get (one being in Detroit, but we’ll count that as a home), we also give you two straight up home games. So while we have to travel for one of ours, you get yours in your backyard. I think that’s pretty fair. I can’t explain the basketball game, nor will I try to. However, I can say any basketball game against us is a gimme game anyways, so I think that was just some kind of miracle. What Michigan State did with the 3 directions is utterly insane/amazing. “We’ll play you guys on your home turf! Oh yeah, you just have to wait 4 years. And you also have to play us 3 times at our place every two years (outside of the home game).” AND THEY DID IT WITH 3 SCHOOLS! Michigan are you listening?

6) Illini fans will twitch if you mention the 2009 season to them, but there was one bright spot for us: keeping Michigan out of a bowl. Are WMU fans aware that you kept us out of a bowl in 2008 with that win in Detroit? That our program that appeared to be building took a serious step back by missing a bowl game in 2008?

I have no idea if fans know that. I do know that was the signature win of that season, and that is the best season Cubit has had in his reign at WMU. But look at it this way: we did what we had to so you could get rid of Ron Zook. Feeling better?

7) Give me your prediction for Saturday.

This game will largely depend on Issac and what he does. Turns through Nawlins and beelines for Lake Michigan? Illinois wins, probably easily, with a run game because we can’t throw. Changes directions and heads for Texas, weakens, or spins through and heads for Lake Erie? Then we have a ball game. You guys can run, and our run defense was suspect all season. We can pass, and your secondary is weak. It’ll be interesting. So my final scores for each situation:

With Issac:
Illinois – 34
WMU – 17

Without Issac:
Illinois – 38
WMU – 35

(I didn’t tell him there’s no way we score 38 points. Of course, he’d probably respond with “there’s no way our defense doesn’t give up 38 points”. Bloggers.)

paul August 29th, 2012

34 – 17 WITH Isaac? yeah. I’d say it would be more like 24 – 7 Illini. I don’t think our secondary is “weak.” Hawthorne and Green are the best DBs WMU will see all season. Nixon isn’t an all-star, but he won’t make any mistakes. We’ve got the best pass rush they’ll see all year. So, regardless of the weather, I don’t think they’ll throw for over 250 yards and we’ll force 2-3 turnovers. Well that’s just like, my opinion, man.

Chief4Life August 29th, 2012

Not sure who contacted who to get this going, but I have a feeling you (Robert) contacted him. I like getting the insight from other teams, and seeing what they think/feel about their team and what they think/feel about the Illini.
I didn’t like this guy. He seemed almost inconvenienced by the interview and return interview request. (I could be completely wrong and am just picking up on something that isn’t there or just is his writing style, but other bloggers you have worked with seemed more gracious) He seemed to give Illinois very little credit for anything. His seeming offense at you and the rest of Illini nation questioning a home and home in football. His comment about a weak secondary (yes the safeties may be out, but the corners are likely both NFL draft picks, and the pass rush will be very good), saying the non-Con is “Very friendly” with trips to 2 B1G teams and a Big East team at home (granted they are not the top tier BCS teams, but they are still BCS teams versus non-BCS teams that most BCS teams play). I do like that he predicted an Illini win. I also don’t like him because he’s from Western. (If you’re reading “Fire Up Chips.”) Oh well, as long as the Illini win, I guess I don’t care.
Long live the Chief.

ctblaisdell August 29th, 2012

Nice, Robert. It would be cool to do this with bloggers for each opponent (as long as the opposing blogger was as reasonable as we Illini fans)

And as I said in a reply to the SOC Rehearsal…

Keep up the good work. I’m worried that this time next year you’re employed at the Tribune and covering the Rush…or the Fire…or the Cougars…or whatever the Chicago arena team is. DON’T DO IT

GrogsBBQPepperoni August 29th, 2012

No way, ctblaisdell. Wild horses couldn’t pull Robert away from Illini football (pun regarding the Broncos we are playing this weekend not intended).
I think we win on a special teams play this Saturday. That would be perfect poetic justice.

ubish August 30th, 2012

The return trip to Kalamazo doesn’t really seem out of the ordinary to us. We have had some BCS schools come to play in Waldo in the recend past including Virginia, #4 Virginia Tech, Indiana, Uconn this year and Michigan State coming up in a couple years. IT happens more now than it did in the past, but MAC teams are semi-regularily scheduling big ten teams at home now.

As far as the non conference schedule, most WMU fans feel that this is one of our weaker schedules in the past 10 years or so (no ranked teams). True there are 2 Big Ten teams (on the road) however one we have had some success with in the past (Illinois), and the other was one of the worst teams in the BIg Ten last year. The 3rd BCS team on our schedule is a team we beat last year and we have them at home. Definately manageable with Illinois being the toughest of the bunch. We will see where we stand after the game on saturday. Good luck!